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20 Apr

xoxocasey asked: Also, I'm so worried about not having a boyfriend because I identify as a feminist. I know the word scares off some guys, and I'm just concerned that they will make fun of me or dismiss me. I know there's good guys out there, but what if I never find them? I also kind of have a hard time fully trusting guys after being ogled at since I was a little girl. (Being stared at is more than enough to make me feel violated)


This is something I can never impress upon any of my followers enough; if the ‘man’ you’re considering entering into a relationship with doesn’t consider himself a feminist, or at least respect the feminist movement, run. Far, far away. Any guy who is worthy of you is also smart enough to be aware of the privileges he’s granted because he’s male, or at least willing to hear/learn why feminism is important to you. And any man who wouldn’t date you because you identify as feminist, is someone you don’t want to date in the first place; trust me on this. I made that mistake more than once, and I’ll never repeat it again. The best advice I can give, is live your life for you, instead of worrying about finding someone else. You need to find happiness with yourself first, before you can find happiness with someone else, and doing so can often make it easier to identify who would be compatible with you. Romance is not all there is to finding happiness and satisfaction with life, and I can promise you that. 

20 Apr love.


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20 Apr
Cunt again? It was odd how men … used that word to demean women when it was the only part of a woman they valued.

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20 Apr

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Considering the new season just started, let’s get some GoT feminism thrown in the mix tonight.

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20 Apr


for evidence of male fragility look no further than their basically universal fear of dating women taller than them

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20 Apr


new video babes!  i went to the woods to confess to one of my biggest sexual secrets: i used to fake orgasm.  FOR 6 FREAKING YEARS.  let’s talk about:

✔ faking orgasm
✔ why people do it
✔ why you probably shouldn’t


The best sex comes from open and honest communication, trust me. And it should never be just about the pleasure of one person, but rather the pleasure of both participants.

20 Apr

Anonymous asked: should i be using condoms or birth control to prevent pregnancy?




I’m so glad that planned parenthood​ always has such well-informed and fun responses, complete with consistently perfect gifs.

15 Apr


We have a new candidate for asshole of the year.

And how precious is it that this man decided that he gets to define something which overwhelmingly affects women more than men? It’s just adorable. As Bilmon said, "Leaving aside vicious sexism & rape denialism, it is amusing when RW white (& white collar) elites try to pander to their blue collar marks."

This man deserves a special spot in a particularly warm, fiery, inferno-kinda place..

15 Apr



Today, the U.S. Supreme Court is hearing a challenge to a buffer zone law that protects patients and staff at clinics in Massachusetts from anti-choice harassment and violence.

Across the country, extreme, often violent, anti-choice protesters physically block access to clinics and intimidate people exercising their constitutionally protected rights.  Learn more about this issue and the laws that exist to protect patients and their doctors.

what judgement of abortion does

15 Apr
What people don’t understand is when we say “Teach men not to rape,” we’re not talking about telling them not to jump out of the bushes in a ski mask and grab the nearest female. We’re talking about the way we teach boys that masculinity is measured by power over others, and that they aren’t men unless they “get some.” We’re talking about teaching men (and women) that it’s not okay to laugh at jokes about rape and abuse. We’re talking about telling men that a lack of “No” doesn’t mean “Yes,” that if a woman is too drunk to consent they shouldn’t touch her, that dating someone - or even being married to someone - does not mean automatic consent. We’re talking about teaching boys to pay attention to the girl they’re with, and if she looks uncomfortable to stop and ask if she’s okay, because sometimes girls don’t know how to say stop in a situation like that. We’re talking about how women have the right to change their mind. Even if she’s been saying yes all night, if she says no, that’s it. It’s over. That’s what we mean when we say “Teach men not to rape.”

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